52 Ways to Use a Personal Concierge

  1. Arranging travel, including flights, accommodation, pet-friendly options, cruises, car rental, family friendly resorts, detailed itineraries, honeymoons, babymoons etc;
  2. Organising special occasions such as 40th birthdays, engagement parties, children parties, hen weekends, weddings etc
  3. Booking tickets from pre-sales to sold out tickets, for sport, theatre, concerts and more;
  4. Recommending restaurants for Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Wedding Anniversaries, High Teas etc
  5. Suggesting and purchasing unique gift ideas for any budget;
  6. Hand delivering birthday gifts;
  7. Personal shopping including catering (e.g. oysters and sashimi from the Sydney Seafood Markets) for private functions;
  8. Comparing prices of a specific item and finding the best value option;
  9. Booking a private chef;
  10. Selling items on Gumtree, Ebay and Facebook Groups;
  11. Entering hundreds of receipts into Excel, in preparation for tax returns;
  12. Sourcing reliable babysitters, cleaners, personal trainers, gardeners and tradespeople;
  13. Waiting for the Telstra/Foxtel/Tradesperson, so you don’t need to take time off work;
  14. Decluttering and organising your home;
  15. Attending open inspections on your behalf, and showing you around by Skype;
  16. Scheduling and cancelling appointments;
  17. Finding childcare options, from holiday care to permanent options and private schools;
  18. Finding a pet dog and suitable trainers, as well as dog walkers and dog friendly cafes;
  19. Comparing and setting up utilities, health insurance and mobile phones for those moving to Sydney;
  20. Creating and publishing Mailchimp newsletters for a small business;
  21. Managing social media marketing;
  22. Arranging private transfers and tickets for New Year’s Eve in Sydney;
  23. Organising luxury experiences, such as travelling to Jonah’s by seaplane or Mercedes S Class/BMW 7 Series;
  24. Comparing private health insurance options;
  25. Claiming Medicare receipts;
  26. Ticking off your to-do-list;
  27. Taking care of you;
  28. Getting things fixed such as books rebound;
  29. Organising pianos to be retuned;
  30. Arranging delivery of flowers for Mother’s Day;
  31. Comparing and booking Sydney Harbour Cruises for Australia Day;
  32. Comparing suburbs and finding places to live;
  33. Enrolling children in gymnastics, yoga and tap dance classes;
  34. Running errands for new mums, the elderly and anyone who is time poor;
  35. Locating hard to find items;
  36. Saving you time AND stress;
  37. Typing up notes;
  38. Checking your home whilst you are away and watering the plants;
  39. Waiting for deliveries;
  40. Helping your impress your boss, partner and friends;
  41. Assisting with relocations, whether it is from the same suburb, interstate or overseas;
  42. Hiring Christmas trees and decorations;
  43. Arranging spa and golf days;
  44. Organising surprise weekend getaways;
  45. Preparing your home for, and greeting, your Airbnb guests;
  46. Helping your dreams come true;
  47. Reminding you of important dates;
  48. Paying bills so you can avoid the late fees;
  49. Co-ordinating removalists, tradespeople and interior decorators;
  50. Collecting your mail and emailing you important documents;
  51. Writing and sending hand written Christmas and thank you cards;
  52. Researching anything and everything online.

This is just the tip of the iceberg! As long as it is legal, moral and ethical we can assist with whatever is on your to-do-list.

For more specific examples, check out our blog posts on popular and more unusual requests.


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