Australian Domestic Travel Covid-19 Restrictions

We all know that Australia’s international border closed, unless you get an exemption, are willing to risk your ticket being bumped and pay for 2 weeks quarantine when you get home.

But what about domestic borders? It can be hard to keep up. Here is a summary of restrictions and where those of us living in New South Wales are currently allowed to go:


You can currently travel to the ACT from NSW. Anyone from COVID-affected areas should reconsider travel to the ACT. There is currently no requirement for people to quarantine. Check the latest advice from the ACT Government. 


You can currently travel to the NT from NSW. All people travelling to the Northern Territory must complete the border entry form. Anyone arriving into the Northern Territory from or through a declared hotspot* in the last 14 days must undertake 14 days mandatory supervised quarantine. Check the latest advice from the NT Government

* On 12 November 2020, these are the areas considered to be a hotspot by the NT Government (i.e. Melbourne and some of Victoria).


There is no longer a border zone between Queensland and NSW. If you are a NSW resident you may enter Queensland providing

  • you have a valid Queensland Border Declaration Pass
  • you have not been to any of the 32 Greater Sydney NSW Local Government Areas* identified by the Queensland Government in the past 14 days.

Read more about the NSW-Queensland border restrictions.

* Basically all of Sydney, at the moment.



You can currently travel to SA from NSW. Check the latest advice from the SA Government.


Travellers from NSW can currently enter Tasmania without the requirement to quarantine. Check the latest advice from the TAS Government.


The NSW Government has announced that the border between NSW and Victoria will reopen from 12.01am 23 November 2020. The current restrictions on movement across the NSW-Victoria border will stay in place until 23 November.  Read more about Travel from Victoria to NSW.


You cannot travel to WA from NSW. Check the latest advice from the WA Government.

From Saturday, 14 November, WA will transition to a safe and sensible controlled border arrangement based on the latest public health advice. Every state and territory in Australia will need to record a 14-day rolling average of less than 5 community cases per day of COVID-19 for Western Australia’s new controlled interstate border arrangement to be introduced. Find out more about WA’s Controlled Interstate Border.

Want to travel within Australia?

Sydney Concierge can help you check the current restrictions and if they are likely to change by the date of travel, as well as organise your flights, accommodation, and other travel bookings. Whether, it’s for business or pleasure, school holidays or a weekend, I can help you.

The above information is correct on 12 November 2020. NB, if you are making your own travel arrangements, please check the NSW Goverment Covid-19 Travel Restrictions, as they may have changed since the above was published.


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