Hotel Quarantine in Sydney

Since 29 March 2020, anyone arriving in Australia is required to undergo 14 days of hotel quarantine in Sydney. If you would like to return home to Australia, or if you need to urgently travel overseas (and have an exemption) before returning home, I hope you find the below FAQs useful.

Who is allowed into Australia?

With caps so low at the moment (currently 3,010 per week in NSW), it is incredibly hard to get a flight to Australia. If you are not an Australian citizen, you will need an exemption to enter.

Everyone flying to Australia will need to show proof of a negative result for a Covid-19 test, within 72 hours of flying.

How much does hotel quarantine in Sydney cost?

The cost of quarantine for the first adult is $3,000 (unless you booked your flight on or before 12th July 2020*). Fees for additional occupants are: additional adults $1000 each, children under 18 years of age $500 each, and children under 3 years of age no additional cost. The NSW
Government will invoice you after your stay, and you can apply for a payment plan if you are unable to pay it back all at once.

* Fees are waived if you booked your flight on or before 12th July 2020.

How long does quarantine last in Sydney?

Everyone is required to quarantine for a full 14 days, so essentially you will be there for 14 nights. The time and day you leave will depend on what time you arrive. If you arrive in the morning, you will be able to leave between 4am and 10am on day 15. If you arrive from midday, you will be able to leave between 4pm and 6pm on day 15.

When will hotel quarantine end in Sydney?

Some experts believe that hotel quarantine in Australia will continue for a couple of years, though the Australian federal government has hinted that Australian citizens and international travellers who are vaccinated against Covid-19 will be able to avoid hotel quarantine.

How can I get a flight to Australia?

Ensure you register with DFAT. Registering does not guarantee the Federal Government will help you return to Australia. However, it does allow them to better understand who’s trying to return home. And they recently announced an additional 20 repatriation flights to bring Australians home. This doesn’t solve the backlog by any means but is a small step in the right direction.

If DFAT do not get back to you straight away, contact your nearest consulate and a great travel agent. Normally, I advise against using a travel agent, but these are not normal times. And a good travel agent is worth their weight in gold at the moment, as they can manage any flight cancellations/changes for you. Personally, I recommend Jacqui Cameron or Alicia Clark.

Before booking a flight, enter the flight number into a flight tracker to made sure it has a good history of not being cancelled. This is not foolproof but will give you some idea.

What do I need to do before I travel to Australia?

Before you travel to Australia, you should complete the Australia Travel Declaration at least 72 hours before your departure for Australia.

How can I book my hotel quarantine in Sydney?

You don’t need to book anything. Unlike some countries, you will not be able to choose where you stay. You will be told where you are staying once you get on the airport transfer bus.

What should I pack for hotel quarantine?

Once you are in your room, nobody is allowed in there for 14 days, so ensure you pack everything you need. If it won’t all fit, you can order once you arrive or hire Sydney Concierge to deliver it for you.

Make sure you pack or order have something to help the room smell nice, to eliminate food odours, as most rooms don’t have windows won’t open.

As nobody is allowed into your room, it won’t be cleaned whilst you are there. Therefore, you will need to take or order cleaning products, and possibly a handheld dustbuster (especially if you have any dust allergies).

Make sure you take any prescriptions you need with you, as they can be harder to order once you arrive.

Check out our Quarantine Packages

Check out our Quarantine Packs

Can I use my nebuliser or Cpap machine in hotel quarantine?

Yes, you can, but you will need to declare it and stay in a health hotel.

What is a health hotel?

There are two health hotels in Sydney; Meriton Zetland and Meriton Mascot. You will be moved here if you test positive to Covid-19 whilst in quarantine. You can also request to go here if you have any medical issues, as they are run by RPA Hospital. These health hotels are apartments with a balcony (fresh air!). If the latter is the case, you should ensure you mention your medical issue on your travel declaraion, as well as get a letter from your doctor.

What will happen at the airport?

You will undergo a Covid-19 symptom and temperature check. If you have any symptoms, you will be tested
for COVID-19 and transferred to a hotel whilst you wait for your results.Your checked luggage will be transferred separately to your accommodation.

If you do not have symptoms of COVID-19, you will collect your luggage before being transferred to a hotel.

It may take up to 3 hours from landing, until your bus departs the airport. Once it does, it will take singles and couples to a hotel and families to an apartment.

Don’t forget to pick up a free Australian sim card at the airport.

Which Sydney hotels are used for Covid-19 quarantine?

  • Adina Hotel Town Hall
  • Amora Jamison
  • Atlas Serviced Apartments
  • Four Points by Sheraton Central Park
  • Hilton Sydney
  • LIV Apartments
  • Mantra Sydney Central
  • Mercure Hotel Central
  • Meriton Suites Mascot Central
  • Meriton Suites Pitt Street
  • Meriton Suites Sussex Street
  • Meriton Suites Zetland
  • Novotel Hotel Central Sydney
  • Novotel Hotel Darling Harbour
  • Park Royal Darling Harbour
  • Pullman Hyde Park
  • Raddison Blu Plaza
  • Raddison Hotel & Suites
  • Sheraton Grand Hyde Park
  • Sofitel Wentworth Sydney
  • Stamford Plaza Sydney Airport
  • Sydney Harbour Marriott Hotel
  • Sydney Intercontinental

There may be a few others, and this list is subject to change.

Generally, families will be given an apartment in Sydney, and singles or couples will be given a hotel room.

Can I get a room with a balcony or opening window?

Some hotels allow you to pay a surcharge when you check-in for an opening window, balcony or larger room (subject to availability). It is always worth asking. And if you end up in a health hotel, you will get an apartment with a balcony.

Will I be able to receive care packages?

At the time of print, Victoria doesn’t allow this in their hotel quarantine, but luckily NSW does.

If you order from any supermarkets or other retail outlets, please note that there is often no delivery availability for a few days. Woolworths also has a $50 minimum spend. Sydney Concierge has Quarantine Packs to tide you over until your main delivery arrives or if you want to spend less than $50.

You can also order meals from Uber Eats, Deliveroo, and Door Dash. Door Dash is pretty new, so they tend to have much cheaper delivery than the other two.

Can I get alcohol delivered to me in hotel quarantine?

If you would like to have an alcoholic drink or 2 in quarantine, it’s easier if you can take it in your checked luggage, as the hotels only allow 1 bottle to be delivered per day to your room. Having said that, you can order from Sydney Concierge or BWS, but reception will only deliver one 6-pack or bottle of wine per day.

Can I smoke in hotel quarantine in Sydney?

In NSW smoking and using e-cigarettes in hotel quarantine is not permitted. You will not be able to smoke for the duration of your stay at the hotel. Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) such as nicotine patches are available and can help with managing nicotine

What should I do if I notice any Covid-19 symptoms?

If you notice any Covid-19 symptoms, you should contact the health care team at your hotel. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and you can reach them by phoning hotel reception or the Health and Wellbeing number on 1300 290 994.

If it’s a medical emergency you should phone triple zero (000).

Who can I contact about my mental health in hotel quarantine?

You should phone hotel reception and ask to speak to the health care team. You can also reach them on the Health and Wellbeing number, 1300 290 994. There are mental health professionals available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The following services can also offer you support, or just someone to talk to:

What is hotel quarantine like in Sydney?

To be honest, it is different for everyone. Your experience will depend on many factors, including if you are quarantining alone, if you are quarantining with children, if you have family who can drop off care packages, which hotel you stay at, if you are working or have something else to keep you busy.

Use this time to do something you have been meaning to do for ages; catch up on Netflix shows/films, hire a treadmill and do 10,000 steps a day, organise your photos, get lots of sleep, or write a book! Or you could simply relax and pamper yourself. Either way, try to start a routine. For example, get up at the same time, do an online yoga class at the same time every day and Skype/Zoom call your family and friends each evening.

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