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Sydney Concierge Vision

To be the number one personal concierge company in Sydney, by helping busy people tick off their to-do lists so that they can spend more time with their families and doing what they love.

Sydney Concierge Values

  • I believe you can do anything you want, but not everything
  • I believe you should do what you want and I’ll do the rest
  • I believe you should live more, see more, love more
  • I believe you can’t buy happiness, but you can buy time (which is kind of the same thing)
  • I believe you deserve an extra day a week
  • I believe no request is too large or too small
  • I believe in saving you money, as well as time
  • I believe in putting the personal back into concierge
  • I believe in living life to the full
  • I believe you shouldn’t get “so busy making a living, that you forget to make a life” (Dolly Parton)

About Layla Roberts

My travel resume reveals extensive international destinations, with visits to 32 countries and growing. Originating from the United Kingdom, I made numerous extended trips to Australia before emigrating here in 2006 and becoming an Australian citizen in 2008. Having had 3 different visas (working holiday, tourist and permanent residency) for Australia, before citizenship, has enabled me to explore Sydney from more angles than most Sydneysiders born here. It also means, I never take it for granted.

I also have more than a decade of administrative experience. I have worked as an EA, as well as a Communications and Administrative Officer, assisting CEOs and providing general executive support.

I not only live in Sydney, I love it too! I hold a lifelong fascination for exploring every nook and cranny in Australia and love discovering new places – whether it be a new bar or restaurant down the road or a city halfway across the world.

The start of something special
Whilst working as a Concierge Lifestyle Consultant for Platinum credit card clients, I discovered my natural gift in helping organise the personal lives and travel plans of others. It may sound corny, but I quickly realised that I was “born to be a concierge” and started Concierge Connections in 2010. Realising my true passion is helping people living in, visiting and moving to Sydney, Sydney Concierge was also founded in 2015. And in March 2017, the two companies merged.

I hold a BA (Hons.) in Psychology and an internationally recognised Diploma in Event Management. I have also been organising events and travel experiences for over 20 years; since planning my first year-long solo trip from the UK to Australia in 1996.

When I am not organising the lives of others…
I enjoy spending time with my family, travelling, taking photos (particularly on Instagram), snorkelling with Blue Gropers, checking out new restaurants and living life to the full!

Layla Roberts

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