Pay now, save later with our Platinum Membership


  • Eight hours credit
  • Complimentary consultation to discuss how we can best help you (we will shout you a coffee if you want to meet in person, or we can do it over the phone if you prefer)
  • Additional hours can be purchased at a discounted rate
  • Complimentary date reminders
  • Credit can rollover to the following month
  • Membership points to unlock complimentary credit
  • Share your credit with your immediate family
  • You can cancel at any time with no penalty*
  • Exclusive promotions on our Facebook Page for members only**

* It will automatically carry on each month, unless you cancel, so you have one less thing to think about

** Promotions are not just for Concierge Connections’ services. They include:

  • 40% off Lenny Kravitz tickets
  • 2-4-1 State of Origin tickets
  • $10 movie tickets (including Moonlight Cinema)
  • $10 off both Sydney Interactive Theatre tours
  • 20% off Petals Florist
  • 5% off Wish Gift Cards
  • 20% off magazine subscriptions
  • 12% off Adrenalin experiences
  • 25% off Captain Cook dining cruises
  • Plus so much more.
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