Astor Espresso

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Astor Espresso

We had breakfast here on Saturday. It’s the third time I have eaten at Astor Espresso, so I thought it time I wrote a review. The upside – the food and service are always excellent. The standard menu is good, but don’t forget to check out the Specials Board. I had serious food envy once, when I made this mistake. The downside – it’s pretty small, meaning so are the tables. If you like to read the paper at breakfast whilst you partner does the crossword (like we do), you may struggle to find room. Also, and this sounds really picky,  but I do like my chair to have a back on it. Most of the chairs at Astor are stools. Additionally, there is usually a wait for food on weekends (due to Astor being so popular and busy). The upside of this downside is that last time we went, the owner gave us a free Cronut to make up for it! In summary, the food and service make up for all of the above small inconveniences, but I wouldn’t go if I was in a rush. Perfect for a leisurely Sunday morning.


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June 20, 2015

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