The Stinking Bishops

If you love cheese as much as me, you will think you have died and gone to heaven as soon as you walk in the door or The Stinking Bishops and see the huge list of cheese options on the wall.

We were lucky enough to get 2 seats at the bar within about 5 minutes or arriving on a Saturday night. They were the last 2 seats available as it is a fairly small venue, and several people were turned away shortly after. Please note, they do not take bookings for dinner on Friday and Saturday evenings, so it is best to arrive early (and definitely not hungry).

We decided (in hindsight it was not my best decision, to not go too overboard on the cheese), so we only ordered a Cheese Board with 2 cheeses, plus a Meat Board with 2 meats (Truffle Salami and Prosciutto) to balance it out. The Meat Boards come with 3 slices of Brickfield Bread and some Eskal Pickles. As a carb lover, I thought more bread would be good, but I guess that is a trap for young players and there was certainly plenty of meat. The Cheese Boards are more padded out, with quince paste, grapes, fig and walnut rolada, basket of bread, wholemeal crackers, olive oil crackers and optional gluten free crackers.

To be honest, we were a bit overwhelmed by the huge selection of cheese available, but luckily the staff are extremely knowledgeable, and they talked us through different options, before we chose Petite Brebirousse (a sheep’s milk cheese) and Fourme d’Ambert (a blue cheese). Both of which were French and delicious. The first one particularly so; it was really gooey and creamy. I found afterwards that Fourme d’Ambert is one of France’s oldest cheeses (dating as far back as Roman times) and it was very tasty (don’t think there is a cheese out there that I don’t like), but there are other blue cheeses I personally prefer.

In summary, go for lunch or for a midweek dinner when you can book a table and order at least 3 cheeses! I have already lined up which ones I am getting next time. Watch this space.

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February 24, 2016