The Bar at the End of the Wharf

Last Tuesday, I went to see the hilarious Wharf Revue at Sydney Theatre Company. We ummed and aaahed about where to go for dinner beforehand. We thought about the revamped Pallisades Hotel, the newly named View by Sydney and old faithful Cafe Sopra. But in the end, we could not go past The Theatre Bar at the End of The Wharf, despite its long name and long walk down the wharf. It isn’t called The Theatre Bar at the End of The Wharf for nothing.

I have eaten here a few times before, so we knew we could not go wrong. Not only is the bar perched on the edge of Sydney Harbour and just a few steps away from Wharf 1 Theatre (where we were off to next), but the food is delicious, good value and quick to arrive. We also experienced perhaps the friendliest service I have ever received.

The only downside was that there was a private function in a glass-walled room with the best views. They also do not take reservations, so I would recommend getting there early (especially if there is a show on that evening).

NB – During The Wharf Revue 2015, The Theatre Bar at the End of The Wharf  is opening an exciting Pop Up Bar outside of Wharf 2 Theatre with a selection of light meals perfect for pre-show as well as an assortment of beverages. The Pop Up Bar is open from 6-8pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings until 19th December, so unfortunately we missed out on that this time, but the main bar more than made up for it.



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November 11, 2015