Last Saturday night was the fourth time I have dined at Zushi, but it was the first time I have paid full price (if you sign up to their newsletters, you get your age % off the total bill, with no limit!). Previous times, it was just 2 or 3 of us dining. This time, there was 8 and I did wonder if the service would be as good. In terms of service, it was okay. They were certainly very friendly. However, often 7 drinks would arrive with a promise that the 8th one was on its way, only for it to show up at least 10 minutes later.

Luckily we hadn’t seen our friends on quite awhile, so we were busy chatting away and didn’t notice time fly by. Amazingly, we were there for 4 hours (6.30-10.30m)! It was great that they did not rush us, as many Sydney restaurants these days have two sittings, whereby the early eaters have to vacate their table within 2 hours, so the later diners can sit down.

The food, as always was great. Being 8 of us, we tried quite a few dishes, including: Sashimi Deluxe, 4 types of Rolls, Pork and Prawn Gyoza, Crispy Scallops, Popcorn Chicken (yum!), Eggplant with Miso Sauce (I am addicted to miso Sauce at the moment), Shiso Pesto Lamb (double yum!) and Pork Yakiniku (triple yum!!). As well as inhouse dining, they also offer take-away, private catering and Mobile Zushi where they will go to you).


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June 20, 2015

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