Quarantine Packs
sydney hotel quarantine care packages

Sydney Quarantine Care Packages

Whether you’re in hotel or home quarantine, I can deliver groceries, personal, and other essential items. Simply tick the packages you would like in the checklist below. Once you have chosen, click the Paypal button and pay securely online.

If you prefer to customise your shopping list, please contact me for a quote.

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What is included in each package?

Mother's Day Package
  • Australian Sparkling Wine or Gin & Tonic in 4 cans/bottles for easy storage (can be replaced with 1 x 750ml bottle wine or other mixed spirits)
  • Fererro Rocher or Lindt Chocolate Balls
  • Reed Diffuser
  • Mums’ Voucher Booklet
  • Mug & Wine Glass Set
  • Hand Cream
  • Bath Salts
  • Gift Bag
  • Greeting Card

Please note, as this is a seasonal package, the items are subject to availability. If an item is not available, a suitable alternative item will be sourced. Customised Mother’s Day Packages are also available.

Grocery Package
  • Vegemite 150g
  • Tim Tams
  • Tea Bags 40 pack – English Breakfast unless specified otherwise
  • 200g Ground Coffee
  • 2 Minute Instant Noodles Cup
  • Bar of Chocolate 160-180g
  • Dried Mango
  • Large Bag of Chips 165g
  • Muesli Bars 6 Pack
  • Mixed Fruit
  • Water Crackers
  • Cheese
  • Salt and Pepper
Grocery Package with Alcohol
  • As Groceries Pack above, but with the addition of 1 bottle of Wine or a 6-pack of Beer/Cider – please specify which you would like
Aussie Treats Package
  • Vegemite 150g
  • Tim Tams
  • Twisties 
  • Honey Soy Crisps
  • Arnotts Jatz
  • Arnotts Assorted Creams
  • Allen’s Fantales
  • Caramello Koalas 12 pack
  • Milo 200g
  • Lamingtons
  • Violet Crumble 50g bar
  • Cherry Ripe 52g bar
  • Macadamias
  • Darrell Lea Bullets
Kitchenware Package
  • Metal Cutlery Set – 1 fork, knife and spoon
  • 1 Ceramic plate
  • 1 Ceramic bowl
  • 1 Mug
  • 3-Cup Coffee Plunger
  • 1 Chopping Mat
  • 1 Tea Towel
  • 30m Glad Wrap
  • Small Kitchen Tidy Bags pack of 40
  • Sandwich Bag Clips
Baby Package
  • Baby Wipes pack of 80
  • Curash Nappy Rash Spray
  • Nappies or Nappy Pants pack of 22-40 – please advise which size you would like
  • Nappy Bags Odour Neutralising pack of 200
Children Activity Package
  • Baby Wipes pack of 80
  • A4 Sketch Pad or Notebook
  • Colouring Book
  • Colouring Pencils or Colouring Pens or Crayons
  • Sticker Activity Book or Learn to Draw Book
  • Jigsaw (suitable for their age)
  • Kids Board Game (suitable for their age)
  • Balloons
  • Blow-up Ball or Beach Ball
  • Blu-tack and Post-it Notes
  • Whiteboard Markers (to write on windows)
Cleaning Package
  • Dishwashing Liquid
  • Dish Cloth
  • Sponge Scourer
  • Disinfectant Cleaning Wipes
  • 1L Laundry Detergent or Sard Landry Soap – please specify if you have a preference
  • Travel Clothesline or Peg Airer
  • Coathangers
Electronics Package
  • 3m HDMI Cable
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Travel Adaptor – USA & UK to Australia/New Zealand – please let me know if you need an adaptor for a different country
Pamper Package
  • Moisturiser and Handcream (the air is really dry in hotel quarantine)
  • Face Mask
  • Foot Mask
  • Bubble Bath or Bath Salts
  • Shower Gel (hotel quarantine usually only provides soap)
  • Cleansing Puff
  • Reed Diffuser or Room Spray
Puzzle Package
  • Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Crossword or Sodoku Puzzle Book or Mindful Colouring Book
  • Pack of Cards
Gym Package
  • Foam Roller
  • 3 Resistance Bands
  • Yoga Mat
  • Skipping Rope
Toy Hire

Please find photos of our toy library, and contact us for a no-obligation quote.

You can find photos of our packages, including several customised ones here.

Please note, it is against the law to sell or supply alcohol to, or obtain alcohol for, anyone under 18 years of age, NSW Liquor Act 2007. 

Sydney Concierge encourages the responsible service and consumption of alcohol. NSW Packaged Liquor License number LIQP770017561.  

She’s the best and absolutely nailed it!

I cannot begin to tell you how delightful it was to work with you. The photo doesn’t do justice but shout OUT to @sydney_concierge for the best #bespoke #concierge gift service ever!

From this concierge by birth this is the ultimate compliment…Layla responded to my message immediately and within 36 hours despite the time difference and #covid created a perfectly #curated gift of sparkling wine, sweet and savory snacks, self-care products, a card, and more – all beautifully wrapped and delivered to my mate in quarantine in #sydney.

Make sure to connect with her for work or personal needs whether you live in Sydney, planning travel there in the future when we can, have clients or friends there…or a friend in quarantine! She’s the best and absolutely nailed it!

Glenda K. Brown, Charleston and NYC, USA


Can I make additions or subtractions to the above packages?

Yes, of course. Please send me an email or text me with your requirements and I will reply with a revised quote.

Can I send you my personalised shopping list?

Yes, of course. Please send me an email or text me with your requirements and I will reply with a revised quote.

How should I let you know my preferences?

Please send me an email or text me with your flavour preferences (e.g. for teabags, milk, cocktail kits etc).  I will do my utmost best to supply them, but I reserve the right to substitute them for comparable products.

What is the difference between the delivery options?

Express Next Day Delivery – please choose this option if you would like the delivery as soon as possible (i.e. usually this will be the day after you order. I will let you know if we can do it the same day).

Standard Delivery – I endeavour to successfully deliver all items ordered in a timely manner (e.g. the day or day after you arrive if ordered in advance).

Where should I enter my hotel quarantine delivery details?


What currency are the packages quoted in?

Australian $ (AUD). You can convert here.

What happens if Sydney Concierge can't deliver on the day I would like?

Please let me know what date you would ideally like delivery. If I am unable to deliver on your preferred date, I am happy to offer a refund.