I needed to book a restaurant for my birthday dinner that could handle a large group of friends, but it also needed to have yummy food, a good atmosphere, be good value and in a trendy suburb. I gave Layla a list of my wants and needs and she came back with a great list of restaurants! All I had to do was choose the one I liked best and Layla did the rest. Result = an awesome night of good food and fun! I also had all my Christmas presents bought, except for my Stepdad who is notoriously hard to buy for – aren’t all Dads? So I emailed Layla, briefly explaining what he liked and my budget. She came back with a list of original ideas, including the links for where to buy them. A few clicks later and the present I chose was on its way – too easy! The ideas were so good that I’ve stored the others for future birthdays and Christmases.