Top 10 Airbnb complaints and how to avoid them

Top 10 airbnb complaints

Over the last month or so, our Airbnb Concierge services were by far the most requested. During December, enquiries and bookings rocketed way beyond our expectations. You can find a map of the 16 suburbs we have provided these services in so far. Below are some numbers from the last 7 weeks: 

Number of Properties we Managed

Number of Check-Ins

Number of Beds we Made

Number of guests we Checked-In

From the numbers above, we learnt a lot about what makes a successful Airbnb property and what does not. Here is a list of the top 10 complaints we received over the 2017/18 festive season and how you can avoid them:

1. Wifi not working or intermittent
Try to ensure you have fast, reliable internet. If you are in a remote area or a strange pocket with limited internet, it is better to be upfront about this in your Airbnb listing (to lower expectations). If it sometimes cuts out, but can usually be fixed easily, include step by step instructions in the House Manual, including the location of the modem and how to reset it.

2. No instructions for electrical devices, especially TVS
Leave manuals for all electrical appliances, especially anything which is different to the norm. Even if it seems straightforward to you, it may not be for a first time user. If you have misplaced the manuals, include step by step instructions in the House Manual, including photos if necessary.

3. Lack of cleanliness
A thorough clean is usually recommended before the first guests. After that, a standard clean should suffice (unless the previous guests were really messy).

4. Poor quality bed linen and towels
If your bedding and towels have seen better days and you are renting your property out for the first time, it could be a good excuse to get some new stock. Alternatively, we can hire our bed linen and towels to you. We currently have bedding in King, Queen, King Single and Single sizes, as well as doonas, towels (bath, hand and beach/pool), bath mats and face cloths in a variety of colours. If you would like a specific colour, please specify upon request.

5. Only 1 set of keys to share
It doesn’t usually cost much to get an extra set cut and will make the guests’ stay much easier. We can assist you with this. Even if it is a studio with 1 bed, there is likely to be at least 2 guests and they may not want to live in each other’s pockets. If there are 3 or more bedrooms, it is often wise to provide 3 sets. Our 2018 Airbnb forms note how many keys were given to us, as well as to each set of guests, with our signature and theirs, to ensure none are misplaced.

6. The apartment is looking tired
If you have the time and money, a fresh lick of paint or having the carpets steam cleaned can make a huge difference. But often they are not necessary. It is amazing what a good clean, few nice cushions, rugs, flowers and other finishing touches can do. Also, don’t over promise and under deliver in your Airbnb listing. For example, don’t use photos which are 10 years old, when the furniture was brand new. Expectations are everything.

7. Bins were full and there is nowhere to empty the rubbish
Ensure your property has several bins. Even if it is a studio, there should be at least 2 bins (one for the bathroom and one for the kitchen). Larger properties will probably need a recycling bin, plus one in each bedroom. The House Manual should always include details of where the main outside bins are located, what day they need to be put out, when they should be collected, if they should be facing a particular way (some bin men can be a bit funny) and what the guests can do if these get full. Guests tend to fill bins quicker over the festive season, so it is a good idea to provide extra tubs they can use, or at least a large amount of spare bin bags.

8. Things not working as they should (e.g. Apple TV, balcony doors, blinds, tumble dryers etc)
Things will occasionally break or stop working (usually through no fault of the guests), especially if technology is involved. For example, one client’s tumble dryer broke during the first guests’ stay, and she had 2 more sets of guests arriving afterwards. We quickly used our initiative; we purchased and delivered a clothes airer and pegs for the guests to use, until the owner got home and the machine could be fixed/replaced. NB – we can also try to find a tradie to fix broken items, although over the festive season this can take longer as many close down for a few weeks. For things like Apple TV and Netflix, please include the login details in the House Manual, so they can be reset if necessary (you can always change the password once you get home).

9. Too much clutter
Some pictures on the walls will always look good, especially if they show off the local scenery. And a few photos of you and your family can make a lovely, homely touch. However, too much furniture or lots of photos and other trinkets on bookshelves can make a property much harder to keep clean, as well as look neat and tidy.

10. Not enough shade outside
If your property is lucky enough to have a garden, in particular, or a large balcony, it is a good idea to provide some shade – especially if you are hiring your property out over summer. Even a large umbrella from Bunnings will usually do the trick.


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