Top 10 Tips to an Organised Xmas

Everyone I know is busy. Even my friend’s 3-year old is busy! But this time of year is surely the busiest.

If you feel like the wheels are about the fall off, all you want for Christmas is an extra hour a day and you have a nagging feeling that you have forgotten something, don’t worry. Sydney Concierge is here to help you save both time and stress!

  1. Firstly, plan your budget, for gifts, events, decorations, festive food (especially if you are hosting any social events or Christmas Day lunch) and a well-earned holiday.
  2. If you are sick of buying socks and ties for your uncle, your Dad has everything he needs already (or so he says) and the kids’ list is longer than your arm, I can assist you with gift ideas, shopping and delivery. I recommend on buying a few small extra gifts, for friends/colleagues who turn up with an unexpected gift for you and in case you have accidentally forgotten someone.
  3. Have you written and posted your Christmas Cards yet? Or have you been put off by the post office queues? I can write, address and deliver them for you.
  4. Did you suggest (or reluctantly agree to) hosting the family Christmas Lunch this year, and now you are panicking? Call Sydney Concierge for everything from caterers to grocery shopping.
  5. Have you been to the shops and realised they have pretty much sold out already of Christmas Tree and decorations?  Or at least the nice ones anyway. Don’t panic. From an artificial tree to a real one, from a 7 footer to a wall sticker, I can find and deliver the right tree to you. We even have set Christmas Tree Packages and can decorate it or you.
  6. Do you have children? Are they already going stir crazy and the school holidays haven’t even started yet? I can email you family-friendly events, find you babysitters and other childcare options, as well organise a family holiday in the school holidays.
  7. If you decide to wait until the Boxing Day Sales for big purchasesbut are regretting it already as you can’t face the crowds, simply give me your list and I will take care of it for you.
  8. Have you got tickets for New Year’s Eve yet? I can check availability for you and send recommendations based on your criteria.
  9. Instead of New Year’s Resolutions, make a 2017 Bucket List! I can help you organise them all for you of course.
  10. If you are so pre-occupied by Christmas that everything else has taken a back seat lately, I can help you tick off your everyday to-do list. Make sure you somehow, in between all of the Christmas craziness, make time to relax and enjoy the festive season.

Ps – Don’t worry if you don’t have time to do all of the above, as I can save you the headache and do it for you! Please contact me today for a free quote.


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