When is a concierge not a concierge?

The concierge industry in Australia is still fairly new, and people often look at me blankly when I tell them what I do. The word ‘concierge’ is certainly being used more frequently now, but not always for jobs that I would describe as a concierge. The obvious example is Westfield Concierge. In my experience, they are more about giving shoppers directions to the right shop. But at least this role is somewhat similar to a concierge; they are both customer service roles.

Nowadays, the term concierge seems to be attached to pretty much any job, which I think simply confuses people more when you tell them you run a personal concierge company. Some of the strangest ones I have come across include:

  • Spiceworks IT offers an IT Concierge, which is essentially a dedicated team of tech experts researching solutions for your next small business IT project.
  • The Ritz-Carlton South Beach in Florida has a Tanning Concierge (Butler) who will apply your sunscreen for you.
  • SnipSnap app launched Scout last year, a Savings Concierge. Take a photo of any product in a store, and Scout will recognize it and look for price match deals, coupons, and other discounts.
  • South Seas Island Resort in Florida has a Seashell Concierge, who offer weekly guided tours throughout the winter along the resort’s 2.5 miles of beaches and help with identifying the shells.
  • My Mate Your Date in the UK describes themselves as a Dating Concierge. They promise to set you up on at least three dates and will even meet up with you for an hour before attempting to play Cupid.
  • The Benjamin in New York City has a Sleep Concierge, who will offer guests a 13-pillow menu, lavender sprays, pre-bed massages and milk and cookies before they sleep.
  • Lululemon Concierge in New York offers info on local spots to work out, eat, and grab a juice.
  • At Ricky’s NYC, the Costume Concierge has different optionsThe entry level buys you a personal consultation and individual outfit/accessory selection, but if you purchase the Ghoulish Gold level, your concierge will rip, stitch or paint your getup for a custom look.
  • The Madison Hotel in Washington DC offers a Social Media Concierge (Butler) who is specifically there to follow you around and update you on your social media.
  • Medical Concierge is a term which is being used increasingly, especially in the USA. Usually it refers to a service which helps to find you the best specialist for your particular needs, arranges appointments for you and helps you claim back costs with your health insurance provider.
  • The Royalton Hotel in New York even have a Firewood Concierge, who offer guests fragrant craft firewood and will kindle your fireplace.
  • The Nail Concierge is a nail salon in New York State. In New York City itself, 70 Park Avenue Hotel has a Manicure Concierge whose job is directing guests to the city’s top nail salons. If you prefer to stay in, they can also arrange for a manicurist to come to your hotel room.
  • 70 Park Avenue Hotel also has a Romance Concierge, who will come up with romantic suggestions on how to woo your date.
  • Tides Riviera Maya on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula has a Soap Concierge, who will present you with a variety of different soaps, made by local Mayan communities. Scents range from lemon and chocolate to rosemary, peach and oatmeal.
  • Swift & Sons in Chicago has a Restaurant Concierge, who will meet & greet diners, but also help organise their after-dinner plans.
  • The 41 Hotel in London offers a Pet Concierge service, for guests’ pets as they have needs too. Services include: dogsitting, grooming and dog walking, as well as providing bathrobes for your furry friends!
  • Perhaps the strangest use of the word concierge of all is the Upverter Parts Concierge service, which frees engineers from having to create and verify schematic symbols and board footprints for electronic components. Or in layperson’s terms, it is essentially a VA for engineers!


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