Congratulations on taking the first step to the rest of your life!


Book a 30-minute Discovery Call

Please ensure you tick the box in Calendly for a Discovery Call.

We will discuss how we can help you, what kind of commitment are you looking for (short/medium/long term?) and suggest which Retainer Package (Take the Load Off, Peace of Mind or customised) we believe is best for you. We will also briefly cover any urgent tasks on your to-do list.

We will email you a copy of your Client Agreement

You will receive a pdf version which can be signed by hand, as well as one from Dropbox Sign which can be electronically signed.

Once we have received a signed copy of your Client Agreement, we shall email you the first invoice

The price is valid for two weeks.

Once we've received payment, please book a 1-hour Onboarding Call

Please ensure you tick the box in Calendly for an Onboarding Call.

The purpose of this complimentary 1-hour onboarding call is to ensure a smooth, efficient, and personalised initiation process that lays the foundation for a successful, ongoing professional relationship.

Key objectives of the onboarding call include:

  1. Understanding your needs and preferences: The primary goal is to deeply understand your unique needs, preferences, and expectations. This information allows us to tailor our services accordingly, ensuring we provide the most value and meet your specific requirements effectively.
  • Your lifestyle and requirements
  • Your likes and dislikes
  • The VIPs in your life
  • Milestone events this year, so we can start planning
  • Other special dates (birthdays, anniversaries etc)
  • Food allergies/intolerances/ dislikes/preferences
  • Preferred days/hours of work

2. Setting expectations: The onboarding call is an opportunity to clarify what you can expect in terms of services, communication, and performance. It’s also a chance to discuss the scope of work, turnaround times, and any bespoke services you might require. This step is crucial for setting a clear, mutual understanding of how the relationship will function.

3. Introducing services and processes: The call serves as a detailed introduction to the full range of services offered, how they are delivered, and any relevant processes or systems you should be aware of. This could include how to request services, how tracking and reporting of tasks are handled, and any technology platforms that will be used to facilitate service delivery.

4. Building a personal connection: Establishing rapport is key for a successful long-term relationship. The onboarding call is a chance for us to build a connection, demonstrating empathy, understanding, and a commitment to personalised service. It’s also a great opportunity for you to ask any questions you have and let us know any expectations you have from our concierge service.

5. Identifying immediate needs: For many retainer clients, there are often immediate tasks or priority projects they need help with. The onboarding call allows for these to be identified and prioritised, ensuring that we can begin delivering value right from the start.

6. Clarifying communication preferences: Each client will have their own preferred methods and frequency of communication. The onboarding call is an opportunity to agree on these preferences, for both urgent and non-urgent requests, ensuring both parties are comfortable with how and when updates, reports, and any necessary discussions will take place.

7. Handling administrative details: Finally, the call is a chance to sort out any initial administrative requirements, such as contracts, payment methods for third-party expenses, billing cycles, confidentiality agreements, and any other necessary paperwork to formalise the engagement.

Overall, the onboarding call is a critical component of starting the retainer relationship on the right foot. It ensures that you, the client, feel heard, understood, and valued from the outset, and that we are fully equipped to provide exceptional, tailored service from day one. Therefore, work cannot proceed until it has occurred.

We will get started

Here’s what you can look forward to as we start working together:

  • Initially, completing tasks might take slightly longer as we learn about your preferences. Rest assured, this process will become quicker as we get to know each other better.
  • It will take some time to fully understand your unique needs. We appreciate your patience and are committed to adapting quickly.
  • You may sometimes feel inclined to jump in and take over tasks personally. We encourage you to trust the process, as this will enable us to get to know you quickly.
  • While outsourcing your to-do list to us may require you to be a little more involved initially, its long-term benefits are substantial and rewarding.