Sydney Concierge Covid-19 Safety Plan

COVID-19 Policy 2021

Sydney Concierge Covid-19 Policy is:

  • I, Layla Roberts, will adhere to all applicable NSW Health guidelines and regulations
  • I, Layla Roberts, will wear a mask whilst completing any work for clients
  • If I, Layla Roberts, outsource anything to a third party, I will request they wear a mask
  • I, Layla Roberts, will use hand sanitiser and wash my hands frequently
  • I, Layla Roberts, will socially distance myself from others, in particular when working with/for clients
  • I, Layla Roberts, will get tested if I show any symptoms
  • I, Layla Roberts, will check the list of ‘hotspots’ frequently to check I have not been to any of them, and follow NSW Health recommendations if I have
  • I, Layla Roberts, have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19.


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