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As part of the Dimmi ‘Let’s Go Halves’ Promotion*, whereby you receive 50% off your food bill at upto 27 different restaurants in Sydney, my partner and I chose to dine at Kobe Jones at King St Wharf. My partner had dined here a few years ago, whereas I had not been before, so was looking forward to it.

The menu is rather overwhelming (in that there is huge choice), so we decided to go with the ‘Perfect for 2’ set menu which lets you savour their complete range of flavours. We were certainly not disappointed! Usually this menu costs $98.90 per person, which personally I feel is a good deal for what you get. When you consider that we received a 50% discount, this 14-course degustation becomes one of Sydney’s top gourmet bargains!

I also chose to have the matching wines, which were only an additional $40 for 5 glasses (1 sake, 1 sparkling, 1 white, 1 red and 1 dessert wine). Matching wines came in the standard size, which considering most wine by the glass on their menu cost approximately $14, this was also a great deal. All of the wines included were delicious.

As was the food. My favourite dishes were probably the Black Kingfish marinated in Saikyo Miso and served with Yuzu Butter, and the Wagyu Hot Rock (where you cook it yourself), but we could not fault a single dish.

The only tiny thing I could possibly criticise was that there was a slight misunderstanding. We asked if we could swap the Lollipop Sushi for the Wagyu and Enoki Mushroom Rolls, as I am not a fan of radish or asparagus. Having checked with the chef, the waitress said this would be okay. However, as our courses arrived one by one, we realised that they had simply added the Wagyu and Enoki Mushroom Rolls, in addition to the Lollipop Sushi. The latter was actually pretty yummy, and as we were receiving a 50% discount, we did not mind at all.

The total bill for the 2 of us including these 15 courses and matching wines was only $180 ($90 per person). Without the 50% discount, it would have been $300. So in summary, the savings were huge, but even the full price is not too bad for what you get, especially if you are celebrating a special occasion or looking for a venue for a business meeting.

* Unfortunately, this promotion ends this Sunday, so make sure you make a booking soon!

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September 23, 2015