32 easy tips for a more organised home

easy tips for a more organised home

Ever feel like your home is one step away from being featured on a chaotic reality TV show? Between the mountains of clothes, sea of toys, and the mysterious drawer where things disappear into another dimension, keeping your home organised can feel like a never-ending task. But fear not! With these easy-peasy tips, you’ll have your home running smoother than a well-oiled machine in no time.

1. Getting Started
List all your rooms and all the areas that need to be addressed in each room e.g. drawer, tall boy, bookshelf etc. Use this list as a progress tracker. Then choose the room/zone in your home that’s causing you the most stress and focus your efforts there first. Getting one space decluttered & organised will spur you on to tackle the next. And with each room you will become more confident and ruthless.

2. Sort into Four Piles
Take everything out of the drawers, cupboards and shelves of the zone/room you’re focussing on, and sort into four piles: 1) bin (i.e. it’s broken, doesn’t fit or has no purpose), 2) donate, 3) sell and 4) keep.

3. Group Like With Like
For example, group all light globes together, all batteries together, all cables together, all cleaning products together, all jigsaws together etc.

4. Declutter Like a Pro
First things first, let’s tackle the clutter. Go room by room, asking yourself if each item sparks joy or if it’s just collecting dust. If it’s the latter, thank it for its service (a la Marie Kondo) and send it on its way to a new home or the bin.

5. Make the Most of All Space
Shelves aren’t just for books. Think vertical to make use of overlooked space in closets, kitchens, and garages. Add built-ins/ bookshelves/drawers if you don’t have any

6. Secret Storage Spots
Furniture with storage — like beds with drawers or ottomans that open up — are the superheroes of organising. They save the day (and space) without anyone being the wiser.

7. Make Your Bed
Starting your day by making your bed can have a domino effect. It sets the tone for a tidy room and, by extension, a tidy home.

8. Nightly 15-Minute Cleanup
Before you go to bed, spend 15 minutes picking up around the house. It’s amazing what a difference this small amount of time can make.

9. The Magic of Baskets
Have a basket in each room for items that don’t belong in that room. At the end of the day (or week), redistribute the items back to their rightful homes. Alternatively, don’t  walk past something which is in the wrong place.

10. Clear Counters, Clear Mind
Keep kitchen counters as clear as possible. It not only looks better but also makes cooking and cleaning a breeze.

11. Zones: The Kitchen Edition
Creating zones in your kitchen (like a baking area, coffee station etc) can streamline your processes and make items easier to find.

12. The Fridge: An Organised Wonderland
Organise your fridge like a grocery store, with similar items grouped together. It’ll save you time and reduce food waste.

13. The One-Touch Rule
Touch items only once when tidying up. Put them directly where they belong rather than moving them from one place to another.

14. Label Everything
When everything has a label, everyone knows where things belong. Plus, it gives a satisfying sense of order.

15. Celebrate Small Wins
Got all your spices in alphabetical order? Cleared out a draw? Celebrate that win. Small victories lead to big changes.

16. Purposeful Decorating
Choose decor that doubles as storage, like pretty boxes or baskets. Decorative and functional? Yes, please.

17. Control Remote Chaos
Use a simple caddy or drawer organiser to keep those remote controls in check. Because the search for the misplaced remote should not be a daily activity.

18. Tangle-Free Tech
Use bread ties or cable organisers to keep cords from turning into a tangled mess. Your future self will be eternally grateful.

19. Flip the Hanger Trick
After wearing an item, flip the hanger around. After 6 months, you’ll see what you actually wear.

20. Master the One-In-One-Out Rule
Bought a new shirt? Great, time to say goodbye to an old one. This golden rule helps you to only keep possessions you truly use and love.

21. The Toy Limit
Limit the number of toys by using a large bin or limited storage (we recommend Tofax or Kallax from Ikea). If it doesn’t fit, it’s time for something to go. This teaches kids about making choices and keeping only what they love.

22. Artwork Rotation
Instead of being overwhelmed by mountains of your child’s masterpieces, set up an “art gallery” where new artwork is displayed and rotated regularly.

23. Go Digital Where Possible
Digital note-taking apps, online calendars, and cloud storage can significantly reduce physical clutter while keeping you organised.

24. Automation is Your Friend
Consider investing in tech that makes life easier, such as robotic vacuum cleaners or project management apps.

25. Aim to Declutter Once a Season
This will keep things fresh and manageable. But keep an eye on your space; if it feels overwhelming sooner, it’s time to declutter.

26. Be Creative with Storage
Use what you have creatively. Boxes, jars, and even egg cartons can double as organisational storage.

27. Set Small, Achievable Goals
Celebrating tiny victories along the way builds momentum and motivation.

28. Get Your Family Onboard
It’s hard work, but it’s possible to train your kids to pick up after themselves. Lead by example and involve them in the process by making it fun. Offer rewards, create games, play music with a fast beat, and remember patience is key. It may not be done to your standard, but it will take the pressure off you and teach them responsibility.

 29. Lower Your Expectations
We put so much pressure on ourselves and compare ourselves against others. Keeping your house clean and tidy is a never-ending job, especially if you have children. So, don’t be hard on yourself and take pleasure in the small victories.

30. Digital Detox
This might surprise you, but decluttering isn’t just for tangible items. Digital clutter can be just as overwhelming. Regularly review and clean up your digital files, unsubscribe from unnecessary emails, and utilise folders and digital tools to keep everything in its place. Your brain (and computer) will thank you. 

31. See-Through Storage Solutions
Using transparent containers is a game-changer. No more guessing games with boxed-up seasonal clothes (vacuum bags are great for this) or holiday decorations. If you can see it, you can find it.

32. Self-Care in Organising
Take care of yourself. Remember, the goal of organising is to make your life easier and happier. Take it one room at a time and do it in increments (15 mins, 1 hour or 1 day) that work for you. Don’t overwhelm yourself. If one of the above tips doesn’t work for you, that’s okay. Find what fits your lifestyle and enjoy your beautifully organised space.

After all, an organised home isn’t just about being picture-perfect; it’s about creating a sanctuary where you can relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy the things and people you love most. So take these tips, tweak them to suit your world, and watch as the chaos becomes calm.

Of course, if you don’t have the time, we can help you set up organisation systems and strategies to help keep things under control. If you’re starting with a clean slate and everything has a place, it will be easier for you to keep on top of everything.

Still feeling overwhelmed? We can help!


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