Top 10 Essential Tips For Stress-Free Holidays With Kids


Family holidays are exciting! They can be so much fun and the perfect way to create memories that will last forever. But they can also be stressful. From dealing with jetlag and adjusting to different food to navigating unfamiliar surroundings and enduring the umpeenth chorus of “are we there yet”, travelling with kids can be exhausting.

Here are our top 10 tips for stress-free holidays with kids:

1. Choose a family-friendly destination, with amenities catering to kids’ needs and interests

When planning your trip, prioritise locations that cater to the needs and interests of children. Look for accommodation with family-friendly facilities, such as kid’s clubs and swimming pools. A family-friendly destination, with zoos and theme parks etc, ensures there are plenty of options to keep your kids entertained and engaged throughout the holiday. We had a stopover in Dubai on the way home from the UK when our son was almost 2, and decided to do the hop on and off bus tour. We found out the hard way about Dubai traffic, and our son was not a happy chappy. We did one in London a few years later, which was a much better age. And he even sat still most of the time. Make sure your activities are age-appropriate, as happy kids equals happy parents.


2. Book flights early for more affordable options

Flying with kids can be expensive, especially after they turn 2 and you have to pay for their seat! By securing your tickets in advance, you not only have a better chance of finding affordable prices but also avoid the stress of last-minute bookings. Booking early generally gives you more options, with more convenient flight times and seating arrangements for your family. Moreover, it provides ample time to prepare for the journey and make any necessary arrangements, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable travel experience for everyone involved.

3. If they are under 2 years old, check if they’re eligible for a bassinet.

Once you have booked your flights, check with your airline if you can book a bassinet for any children under 2. By reserving a bassinet early, you will increase your chances of securing one, as they are limited in number. Bassinets provide a comfortable and secure space for your little one to sleep during long flights, giving them—and you—a chance to rest and recharge, making the journey more comfortable and enjoyable for both of you.


4. Get travel insurance for peace of mind, especially if you’re going overseas

While no one anticipates mishaps or unexpected events, having travel insurance provides a safety net for your family’s wellbeing. It offers financial protection in case of medical emergencies, trip cancellations, lost baggage, or other unforeseen circumstances. When traveling with kids, the importance of insurance becomes even more crucial. It provides peace of mind, knowing that you have support and coverage in case of any unexpected incidents.


5. Pack light, as you’ll probably end up carrying your children’s bags as well as your own

Opt for essential items, versatile clothing, lots of layers and only pack what is truly necessary. Consider multi-purpose items and prioritise convenience. Use packing cubes to pack efficiently, allowing for smoother transitions and easier maneuvering through airports or train stations, resulting in a more enjoyable and hassle-free holiday for the entire family.


6. If you’re travelling with children under 5, consider taking a travel stroller, even if you don’t typically use one at home

This can be particularly beneficial if you’re planning any big days out during your holiday. Last year, we visited family in the UK with our 4-year old son. We had already sold our main stroller as well as our travel one, but we knew that we would be having some long days out, including Legoland (which is huge), other large theme parks and exploring London. So we purchased another travel stroller on Marketplace, and it was the best $50 we spent. It meant we didn’t have to worry walking long distances, tired legs, meltdowns or having to carry him. It saved our sanity, as well as my partner’s back.


7. Pack the cabin bags thoughtfully

Include items like lollies to help with ear discomfort during take-off and landing, a variety of snacks to keep hunger at bay and their favorite snuggly toy for comfort and sleep. Be prepared by packing spare clothes for everyone in case of sickness or spills. Our son vomitted at Dubai Airport, but luckily we were all able to get changed. Additionally, bring a few small new toys or activities to keep the kids entertained during the journey. Our Busy Boxes are great for this!

8. Don’t overpack your itinerary and allow for frequent breaks

While it may be tempting to squeeze in as many activities as possible, this can quickly lead to cranky children, which in turn will lead to cranky adults. By incorporating regular breaks into your schedule, you provide everyone with an opportunity to rest, recharge, and enjoy the moment. It’s important to remember that children have limited energy and attention spans, so allowing for downtime ensures a more relaxed and enjoyable experience for the whole family. Embrace a slower pace, savor the precious moments, and create lasting memories without overwhelming your little ones. It also helps to maintain flexibility in your itinerary to accommodate unexpected changes and allow extra time for toilet breaks and potential meltdowns.

9. Plan ahead for meals, especially on long roadtrips

Before hitting the road, take the time to research and identify suitable dining options along your route. Pack a variety of snacks, drinks and meals that are easy to eat during the journey and not too messy. This will prevent the kids getting hangry and maintain a much more enjoyable travel experience.

10. Appreciate the small moments along the way

While it’s natural to focus on the big attractions and activities, it’s the little experiences that often hold the most magic. Whether it’s watching your child’s face light up with joy at the sight of a colorful butterfly or sharing giggles during a silly game, these small moments create precious memories. Take the time to notice and cherish these simple pleasures, as they can bring immense happiness to both you and your children. Embrace the beauty in the small details, and your holiday will become a tapestry of unforgettable moments.

Follow these tips for a stress-free and memorable journey with your little ones! And please let me know in the comments below if you have any other tips.

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