Mori Sushi

My partner & I ate here tonight in Glebe, and it was pretty good. You can order a la carte, or choose the All You Can Eat option. We chose the latter of course. It costs $29.50 each for the Standard menu, where you can choose anything on the a la carte menu except sashimi, wagyu beef, oysters and the BBQ. For an additional $10 per person, you can add all of the exceptions except oysters and wagyu beef, or for an additional $15, you can also get the wagyu beef. Oysters are only available a la carte. They do BYO for just $2 per person, but we had an Asahi instead for a bargain $6.50.  It is best to arrive early if you can. We got there at 5.30pm and it was almost empty, but within half an hour it was quite full. It is tempting with the ‘All You Can Eat’ concept to got a bit crazy, but quite rightly their menu says they will charge you extra if you leave a lot of food. With that in mind, we shared the Teriyaki Salmon, Teriyaki Potatoes, Yakatori, Sukiyaki Hot Pot and a Sushi Platter (pictured). It was all good – especially the Yakatori and Sushi Platter – although I wasn’t a huge fan of the Hot Pot. That was okay, but it certainly wasn’t worth $21.80 per person (the price on the a la carte menu). I would like to go with more friends next time, mostly so I can try more dishes. You also get a free bottle of wine if 4 people are dining.


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June 20, 2015

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